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For 25 years, Capitol School has been helping children with speech, language, and learning differences find their voice.


Capitol School of Austin provides an enriched learning environment where children with speech, language, and learning differences can reach their full potential and develop skills necessary to succeed in future educational settings. We believe that our small class sizes and our highly qualified staff of speech-language therapists make us a unique and successful program. Take a look at our Success Stories to get to know a few of the many students who have blossomed at Capitol School.

Pre-school Programs - 2.5 - 5 years old

Young children with speech and language delays often struggle to be heard in traditional pre-school settings. For this reason, we offer two low-ratio, speech therapist-led classes for young children ages 2.5 to 5 years old with speech-language differences. The pre-school program focuses on oral language, where our speech-language therapists provide intensive language therapy targeting the unique needs of each child while working within a traditional pre-school curriculum. The small group setting of 8-10 children and two adults allows children to use recently acquired language skills in authentic social settings with same-aged peers, increasing the likelihood that new skills will be added to their language repertoires. The traditional curriculum also supports development in non-language areas such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and self-help skills.

School-Age Programs - Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Capitol School offers idividualized, low-ratio, speech therapist-led Kindergarten through 4th grade classes for children with speech, language and learning differences. The school-aged program continues the focus on oral language while integrating this training with a traditional grade-school curriculum. The academic curriculum at CSA follows the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills and our program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The small group setting and the low student/teacher ratio of 10-12 children and two adults make it possible to provide individualized instruction when necessary. Given the learning difficulties experienced by Capitol School students, personal attention and tailored instruction are essential. The time and flexibility afforded by the small group setting at Capitol School make it possible to identify, remediate, and maintain important skills on a student-by-student basis. This is the key to our program’s success.

Capitol School's on-site clinic offers individual evaluations, speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy,
reading (ALT), and educational/neuropsycholgoical assessment.


25 Years